About Me

Hello my name is Nicola, if you’ve found your way on to this page, I guess you would like to know a little about me?

I'm a creative portrait and wedding photographer. A visual narrator with an eye for the beautiful and organic, for people who dig every moment, dream big, hug tight and laugh hard.

Thirty something and live with my fiancé. We have three children, each an individual and amazing little being. And Monty the miniature schnauzer, our ever loyal companion.

As a child I always had a camera. As a young teenager I was bought my first SLR, and from then I got my first enlarger, which was the birth of my darkroom. That was when I really fell in love with the whole process. My bedroom became my darkroom. Negatives hung up over the bath, the unmistakable smell of the chemicals and my mum telling me not to drip fixer everywhere!

At school I was even allowed to ditch one of my subjects enabling me to spend several hours a day in the darkroom! Fast forward to today, my work has been published on magazine front covers and have had work commissioned by John Lewis, Waitrose. I love working with people of all ages and also their furry companions on four legs not two!

As parents we know our children are most relaxed in familiar surroundings, whether it's a walk in the park, or even simply sharing a story. As a photographer, smiles, giggles, grumpy faces and tears inspire me, showing love and emotion in every single image.

I look forward to meeting you soon.