Nov 4 2015

I met Alex and Richard when I photographed baby Millie a year earlier. Their farm surrounded by fields was a beautiful location

farm wedding staffordshire cows

I couldn’t wait to come back and shoot their wedding blessing. Such a warm lovely family, everyone pitching in to help throughout the day. Alex was keen to go out into the fields for their couple photos, she didn’t have to ask me twice!! They roped in a friend in his 4×4 to be our chauffeur as we chased the heavy skies across their farmland. Cow chasing and rain drop dodging,  the cattle seemed very pleased to be part of the day! The last field we went in had fab long grass with paths cut through I knew we had to go back there at dusk.

Alex’s gift to the bridesmaids was a couples portrait for each of them, what a fab gift idea and lots of fun! There was a competition to guess the length of speeches and not to mention the conga forfeit all before 6pm!

We returned to the field as the sun got lower and with Fast Car playing at full blast from our ride we captured the last few shots. As we road back to the party with Alex and Richard sat on the tail gate music still playing, Alex’s face said it all in that moment.